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FY BSc Sem 2 Physics Syllabus Kutch University

Kskv Kutch University FY BSc Physics syllabus is mentioned as below,
Semester 2
CEPH 202 thermodynamics, electrostatics, waves, and nuclear physics

Unit 1
Second law of thermodynamics, carnot reversible engine, carnot engine and refrigerator, carnot theorem, thermodynamic scale of temperature, entropy and second law of thermodynamics, entropy change ok closed system, entropy, change in entropy in reversible process, change in entropy in reversible process, third law of thermodynamics, temperature entropy diagram
Reference-- heat and thermodynamics by brijlal and Subramanyam
Kinetic theory of gases.
Mean free path, transport phenomena, viscosity of ges, thermal conductivity of gas
Reference-- heat and thermodynamics by brijlal and Subramanyam
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Unit 2
Coulomb's law, principle of superposition, electric field, lines and tubes of force, electric flux, go slow integral form, Gauss law in differential form, some applications of Gauss law, electrostatic potential
Reference-- electromagnetic by B.B.Laud
AC circuit
Alternating current, LCR series and parallel resonance, maxwell's Bridge, Schering Bridge.
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Unit 3
Introduction, sinusoidal waves, concept of frequency and wavelength, types of wave, energy transport in Wave Motion, transverse vibration of stretched string, longitudinal sound wave in solid, longitudinal waves in gas.
Reference-- optics by Ajoy Ghatak
Introduction, coherent source, interference in thin film, interference due to reflected and transmitted light, colours of thin film, things produced by wigde shape, Newton's rings, determination of the wavelength of sodium light using Newton's ring, refractive index of liquid using Newton's ring.
Reff -- Optics by Subramaniam and brijlal
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Unit 4
Nuclear physics
The law of radiation Decay, radioactive growth and decay, ideal equilibrium, transient in secular equilibrium, radioactive series, radioactive isotopes of lighter element, artificial radioactivity, determination of the age of earth, carbon dating,
Reference-- Nuclear Physics by SB Patel
Sun and its radiation
Introduction, astronomical background, general description of the Sun, solar structure, Sun's outer layer, composition, visible feature on the sun, more about Sun's outer atmosphere, temperature of Corona, solar activity and sunspot cycle
Reference-- introductory course on space science and Earth's environment by SS dagaonkar
Click here to Download PDF Unit 4 part A
Click here to download PDF Unit 4 part B


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